We are entering a new paradigm in the way we care for and train our horses. In this new arena we are creating a dynamic and holistic discipline of equine management, literally from the ground up.


The Bare Hoof Trimming School in Washington State offers its students the highest quality education in equine bare foot care and management.  We train our students according to the most up-to-date standards and techniques of barefoot trimming and natural hoof rehabilitation. Our students learn both safe tool use and horse handling techniques as well as how to set up and operate a small barefoot trimming business. Why are we different from a farrier school? Because we use a holistic approach to equine care which seeks to respect and mimic the horse’s natural setting in the wild as the focal point of our curriculum. Nutrition, environment, handling, and training are all viewed through this lens. The basics of body work, homeopathy, herbal remedies and other alternative practices are also discussed. Students are taught by instructors who not only are professionals in the field of equine natural barefoot trimming and maintenance, but those who also have extensive experience training and riding horses. Guest lecturers are common and students participate in hands-on field trips to horse rescue facilities and clinics. Rendezvous Ranch is proud to offer new bare hoof courses for 2015. Go to our course offerings and take a look at some of the new and innovative programs we have to offer.

We are currently witnessing exciting changes in the way we think about horse care. “Barefoot” is the next big step in providing the highest quality of life for our equine friends and companions. So come, join us in being one of the leaders!