After completing a course of study at the Pacific Northwest’s only barefoot trimming school, natural Bare Hoof School graduates will be proficient in Equine Trimming and Maintenance. Through their bare hoof trimming courses they will be able to sight, balance, and trim horses’ hooves to Natural Hoof Care standards while being able to take into consideration each horse’s individuality. They will be able to assess and correct minor problems of gait and posture. Graduates will not only learn about the tools and equipment required to be a successful trimmer, they will learn the proper techniques required to use their tools safely, swiftly, and accurately.

Students will learn in both the classroom and in the field, working hands-on with a variety of different horses. This will give students the opportunity to develop or refine their horse handling skills while under a professional’s supervision. Students will learn techniques for safe and effective hoof handling. They will be experts in equine distal limb anatomy and will have participated in a post mortem hoof dissection. They will understand the dietary and pasture needs of barefoot horses. At the same time, they will learn how to create and manage a successful barefoot trimming business.

Bare Hoof School graduates will be able to meet the needs of their clients and their client’s horses all while enjoying the pleasures of working with such magical animals!

Before       Bringing the front foot forward and using the stand.      Trimming student in position to rasp rear foot.      After